Getting the Most Out of Your Landscape Design Project

If you spend only 5% of a home’s value on a landscaping project, you may get 150% of that money back when you sell your home. However, your landscaping design has to be good. Homebuyers likely won’t be interested in homes with poor landscaping. 

How can you get your landscape design process to go from good to great? Read on for some landscape design project tips. 

Start Small 

A lot of popular landscaping advice may push you to think big and build fast. However, these methods can bust your finances and cause you to make a lot of mistakes. It’s better to start small and build your ideas up slowly. 

You can have a big master plan. Just implement it piece by piece. That way, you can easily spot mistakes and potential financial issues before they happen. 

Predict Location Effects 

The places that you put things in can affect how much you enjoy them. You need to consider the potential issues that could arise from where an item is. You will then need to relocate the items accordingly. 

For example, you may want to put a bench facing the west. However, if you go to sit out there in the afternoon, the sun could be in your eyes. The same thing could happen in the morning if your garden bench faces the east. 

You should place your bench so that it faces the north or south instead. 

Think About the Users 

Who will use your yard and how will they use it? The many possible answers to this question should help you decide what features your landscape needs. 

For example, some people have dogs that they let run around a backyard. Having a lot of plants and features will make it hard for the dogs to run. If they attempt to do this, they’ll keep tripping over things. 

However, a large lawn will help the dogs run. Thus, a large dog owner will need to incorporate a large lawn into their landscape design. Then they’ll need to get that lawn regularly serviced

Consider the Landscape’s Future 

Plants grow. Outdoor furnishings can rot away. You need to keep these potential issues in mind and prepare accordingly. 

Make sure to give plants room to grow. Find out via the internet how large certain plants get when they’re mature and place them accordingly. Using landscaping tools to dig up and replant plants later can be stressful. 

Get outdoor furnishings that last longer if you can’t bear replacing them often. Stone and metal are long-lasting materials. Wood only lasts a long time if it has special treatments. 

Get Landscape Design Project Help 

Making the perfect landscape design project usually means future thinking and going slow. As long as you do that, you should have an excellent landscape design. 

Once you have your landscape design in place, you may need a landscaping company to help you make it come alive. Maryland Landscape Services can provide that service for you. We’re the premier landscaping service in Anne Arundel County, MD. 

Contact us today for landscaping advice or to make a landscaping appointment.

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