General Landscape Installation

Beautiful, simple, and low maintenance. Install border with stone edging and weed barrier fabric and multi color gravel . Plant 1 redbud tree, 3 boxwoods, 2 spirea, 1 lilac, and 9 liriope grasses.

Price Range: $2500-$5500

Landscape Design

We offer professional landscape design services that create a beautiful environment around your property with exceptional quality.

Price Range: $350 - $1500

Live Privacy Plant Screen

Plant 5 – 6' tall green giant arborvitae as a privacy screen. Install mulch around arborvitae.

Price Range: $2000 - $2500

Tree Installation

Install (1) Maple Red October tree with ring of mulch.

Price Range: $375 - $450

Fire Pit Installation

Install 1 – 4' diameter wood fire pit with cooking grate.  *Patio and seat wall not included.

Price Range: $1750 - $2500

Retaining Wall & Paver Patio

Custom paver patio or retaining wall installation. Pricing varies based on complexity of job.

Price Range: $6000-$20,000+

Property Cleanup

Clean up property by raking leaves, cutting down any grasses and trimming any needed shrubs, applying mulch and Pre-emergent to beds. Hauling away debris.

Price Range: $500-$1,000 (small)  |  $1,000-$2,500 (medium)  |  $2,500+ (large)

Lawn Mowing

Manicure lawn - grass cutting, string trimming, edging along sidewalks and driveway, blowing off all hard surfaces.  We make grass cutting convenient!

Price Range:$200/per month

Leaf Removal

Price Range:$300 - $1,000 (depending on size of property)

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