The Impact of Landscaping Company’s Spring Cleanup Services

Did you know that cutting your grass reduces how much pollen it creates? It may seem counterintuitive, but the shorter your grass, the less pollen it holds. That’s right; proper landscaping can help with allergies. 

Allergies aside, yard maintenance helps keep your grass and other flora healthy throughout the year. Of course, it all starts with some early spring yard work.

There are many other reasons why yard work is essential for a healthy lawn. Keep reading if you want to know the impact of proper lawn care. 

Why Is Lawn Care Important?

Lawn mowing is necessary if you want lush, healthy grass. Mowing the grass keeps it dense and promotes growth. Here’s what to do to prepare for your first mow of the year:

  • Rake the yard to release matted grass clumps and thatch
  • Aerate the soil, so extra air, water, and nutrients reach the roots
  • Fertilize the grass
    • Wait three weeks into spring when the grass begins greening
    • Water lawn three days before applying
  • Seed, lime, then water lawn as needed
    • Test soil acidity first: if too much, add lime to reduce acidity
    • Plant seeds where the grass is sparse
    • Water after

Try mowing your lawn weekly for the best results. Many people would argue that biweekly is good enough. Biweekly mowing can dull your mower blades faster.

The longer your grass grows, the more you have to cut. The more grass you cut in one go, the more difficult it is and the quicker your blades dull. 

Frequent cutting makes grass grow deeper roots instead of expanding up. Deeper roots allow the grass to absorb more water, leading to healthier growth. 

Drainage Service: What It Is and Why it Matters

Drainage service is when a landscaping company installs a system to remove excess water from your yard. There are various reasons why you need yard drainage.

Waterlogged grass runs the risk of suffocating from a lack of oxygen. Water drainage prevents soil erosion, which can shift soil from one part of your yard to another. This wreaks havoc on your lawn.

Water can wear away at your house’s foundation. Foundational damage can harm your flooring and walls over time. 

Drainage services can be as simple as adjusting your landscaping layout. Some forms require installing french drains or piping to remove excess water. 

Yard Maintenance Checklist

Mowing your lawn is important, but landscaping is more than just your lawn. Here’s a quick list of other things you must cover during spring yard work:

  • Removing debris from flower beds 
  • Preparing flower beds 
  • Planting and pruning bushes and shrubs
  • Mulch and perennial plant maintenance

Planning outdoor patio designs is also part of the lawn care regimen. Ideally, you’d build hardscaping during the winter, but early spring still leaves enough time to enjoy walkways and patios.  

Make sure you give yourself enough time to arrange outdoor patio designs before having it built. Jumping head first to construct a patio can lead to poorly implemented designs and mistakes. 

Want Reliable Landscaping? 

Landscaping has an undeniable impact on your yard’s health. Mowing your lawn keeps grass lush and healthy. Drainage services remove excess water from your yard and help protect your home from harm. 

Yard work is important, and you need reliable people to do it right. Contact Maryland Landscaping Service if you need spring cleanup for your lawn. We offer yard maintenance, outdoor patio design, and drainage services.

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